London Thermoforming is a family run company based in West London. With over 60 years experience in providing decorative construction and design to the Film & Television, Theatre, Entertainment and Building Industries, we pride ourselves in our unique design, high specification and professional finish.

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Our Cannon thermoforming machine

The company’s success has led to an increase in demand for bespoke design and materials and in response to this demand we have invested in an Italian made custom built, adjustable Cannon thermoforming machine which is capable of pulling a magnitude of moulds and tools of sizes between 30cm X 60cm up to 1.6m x 2.6m (5 1/4’ x 8.1/5’) and any depth up to 65cm (2’). The machine is capable of forming plastics up to 12mm thick. We have access to a wide selection of plastics which vary in material, type and colour. H.I.PS, A.B.S, Acrylic, P.V.C, CAB, EVA, P.E.T,G, High impact polystyrene, Kydex and Noryl are just a selection of the plastics within our expertise.